A Thank You Letter to Black Women

Dear Black Women,

Thank you.

Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for holding me physically and emotionally. Thank you for checking in on me even when I’d only known you a few days.

Thank you for smiling at me across the room while we were stranded in a sea of white faces. Thank you for giving me the hair advice I needed and for teaching me in person and through Youtube and Pinterest how to do things to my hair I could never have taught myself. Thank you for seeing me when no one else did.

Thank you for writing songs that made me feel less alone, less disconnected to Black culture than I sometimes felt living in small, mostly white towns. Thank you for writing songs that made me feel like there might be a place for me in the world as a Black bisexual woman. Thank you for every poem, story, novel, and memoir that has shaped and validated me. Thank you for continuing to create art that challenges and restores.

Thank you for being so damn beautiful. Thank you for disproving every standard of ideal beauty that centers whiteness and for not letting the haters take away your ability to slay. Thank you for making me feel like I can sometimes be beautiful too.

Thank you for showing me how to get over. Thank you for showing me how to be strong and vulnerable – how to be compassionate but intolerant of foolishness. Thank you for showing me how to side eye the mess out of someone.

Thank you for speaking up and speaking out. Thank you for teaching me how to hold onto my own voice when the world would rather I shut up. Thank you for challenging me to be more than I thought I could be. Thank you for showing me that I am enough.

Dear Black Women,

Thank you for being you.